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W    E    L    C    O    M    E    !

What are 
lockout and tagout?

Lockout means to prevent someone from operating the isolated power source or equipment in a locked way until the maintenance is completed and the lock is removed.

Tagout refers to the use of tags to warn others that isolated power sources or equipment cannot be operated casually.

There are many more: such as all kinds of valves, switch breakers, knife switches, power plugs, fuses...

Types of dangerous power that need to be isolated

Pressure vessel
Gas transmission
Mechanical energy                     
Thermal injury        

Corresponding power source control method

Close the circuit switch
Pipe emptying pipe
Release and empty pressure
Block gas transmission
Fixed moving parts
Control temperature to normal temperature

Why use a lockout tag out?

·OSHA compliant
·For most industries
·Increase productivity and minimize downtime
OSHA, the occupational safety and Health Association of the U.S. Department of labor, was founded in 1971. Its responsibility is to issue protective standards to protect the health and safety of American workers. Compliance with OSHA standards can effectively protect the life safety and health of workers. So far, it has reduced 60% of deaths and 40% of injuries for American companies adopting the program.
W    E    L    C    O    M    E    !

Lockout / Tagout products
can save lives and reduce costs!

About 10% of all industrial accidents are caused by improper control of dangerous power sources.
According to OSHA data in the United States, there are about 250000 accidents related to this every year, of which 50000 are injured and more than 100 are fatal.
·Research shows that the power source control plan can reduce the casualty rate by 25-50%!
·OSHA is currently counting violations of lockout/tag-out regulations
OSHA is stepping up its investigation and statistical work in view of the serious risks posed by hazardous power sources to employees. In fact, lockout / tagout standards have become the most frequently adopted OSHA regulations by manufacturers. OSHA fines can range from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Eight steps of
the lockout and tag out


1.Understand the equipment


2.inform relevant personnel


3.shut down the equipment


 4.cut off and lock all dangerous power sources

5.Unlock and tag out

6.Restore briefly removed locking device


7.verify locking reliability

8.verify locking reliability

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