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What is the purpose of a lockout station?

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What is the purpose of a lockout station?

Lockout the station is a security guarantee for enterprises, so it is very necessary to fully understand it, let's take a look at its functions.

  • What is a locked station?

  • Where is the lockout station generally used?

  • What is the purpose of locking the station?

  • Who can use the locked station?

1、What is a locked station?

Locking stations are usually durable, user-friendly wall-mounted workstations that provide ultimate storage space for large facilities and multiple departments. Because most of the locking stations are wall-mountable, you can fix the board at a fixed position close to the energy source, so that you can lock the label equipment at any time, which greatly guarantees the safety during construction.

2、Where is the lock station generally used?

There are actually two options when installing a locking station. The first option is to install it next to the machine's power supply. This allows the relevant equipment to be placed there when needed. In addition, it will remind you to follow the steps every time you operate the machine, reducing the risk. After completing this operation, each machine needs to install its own LOTO workstation. Another option is to install the workstation in a central location that is easy for everyone to access. In this way, only one locking station is required for the entire facility. However, when installing a central station, it is important to ensure that it has enough of each item so that it can be used on multiple machines at once if necessary. In short, place it in a place that is easy for everyone to use and can give full play to the role of the lockout station.

3、What is the purpose of locking the station?

The purpose of the locking station is mainly to store the storage function of tools such as locks and lables. Only in this way can the potential threats caused by mistakes or accidents be reduced. So let me explain specifically the role of locking and lables.

The main function of locking or locking the device is to physically fix each energy isolation point, so the device cannot be charged during repair or maintenance. Devices that can be used with locks include chains, buckles and blind flanges. In rare cases, the lock function cannot be used on certain devices. Often in these situations, there will be other systems that provide at least the same protection as locks. There is even no need to lock in some cases.

The label only warns the device and does not provide the type of physical restraint the lock provides to the device. Labels should always be used with locks to draw attention to the fact that the device has been locked. To remind employees to reduce the risk of errors during the work process and reduce their own risks.

4、Who can use the locked station?

So can every employee use the lockout station? The answer is of course no. Only authorized employees of your company can use it. To become authorized employees, they must be trained in the company's lock-in station program, which includes identifying the actual hazardous energy in your facility, the type and size of energy available in the workplace, and procedures for isolating and controlling hazardous energy. Training is not required for trained employees. Affected employees must be trained to operate machines or equipment that will be maintained or maintained at the lock station, or work in the area where it is used. They must be trained and understand the use of the program. They must also never attempt to restart or restart a locked or marked device. The consequences of this may cause fatal injuries to authorized equipment personnel.

After you have a certain understanding of the functions of the lockout station, you must pay attention to use it. In this process, you must be cautious in training and reviewing related employees.

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