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What is the meaning of lockout station?

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What is the meaning of lockout station?

Let us use an example to bring you to understand the meaning of the lockout station.

  • Tell a true story

  • The meaning of lockout station

  • Most easily overlooked

1、Tell a true story

A 28-year-old lucky girl said, “One day, I used an elevated extension cord to plug in the power of the circular saw. But I didn’t really pay attention to the status of the wire. To me, it was just like any other day that I used the saw. It’s the same as the  extension cord that comes every day, but I feel that today’s is a bit different from yesterday. It turned out that the extension cord short-circuited another employee the night before, causing a small fire. If I pay more attention, I’ll see There are burn marks on  the end of the plug-in site. No one bothered the wire, so I was  lucky that my supervisor stopped me before I tried to use it.

 It can be seen that there were electrical hazards at work, especially those People who are likely to use the so-called latent or stored energy are at risk of electric shock, accidents and other  potential hazards. To help balance the power between injuries caused by machine failures or malfunctions, maintain inventory and accountability, in petroleum, Industries such as natural gas, logging,  construction and industry have widely adopted a tool carrier such as a lock station to help reduce potential threats.

2、The meaning of lockout station

The lock label of the lockout station is a safety program that ensures that dangerous machinery and energy sources are properly shut down and cannot be accidentally started when maintenance or repair work is completed. Activating equipment or power before completing these tasks puts maintenance or repair personnel at risk. Such as electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical products, etc.The lock-out marking procedure can ensure that dangerous power sources are isolated and disabled within a given period of time oruntil maintenance work is completed.

In most cases, the lockout station procedure involves two devices: A lock that will be fixed on the power supply and prevent it from opening. A label pasted on the locked device to remind others not to try to use it

When using heavy machinery, only a small accident or a little carelessness can cause very serious injuries. Therefore, the executive program is an essential part of any industrial program.However, it is more than just acquiring a set of locks and tags. A good locking procedure requires careful consideration

3、Most easily overlooked

All employees who may be affected must receive adequate training on lockout station protocols and procedures. Merely establishing a program that meets OSHA requirements is not enough. But the actual situation is often the opposite. Employers and employees often ignore or cover up this matter, and they don't want to spend their time on things that seem common sense. It is especially serious when it comes to mandatory retraining of employees and updating of new equipment and protocols. There is a lot of evidence that even employees who have worked in the same factory for many years are cutting corners to save time. Irresponsibly put his life in danger. In short, actively work to minimize the possibility of human error and emphasize the importance of effective training programs as the most neglected aspect of the lock-in program in all industries.

Everyone has the responsibility to protect their own life safety and the interests of the company. The lockout station is a good helper, but you must completely trust it and use it to create a harmonious and safe working environment.

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