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What is a valve lockout?

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What is a valve lockout?

A valve lockout is a common thing in our lives. Although valve locks have only been on the domestic market for a short time, it has been widely used in contemporary industries.


However, some people don’t know what’s a valve lockout. The definition and function of valve lockout devices will be presented in this report.


The definition of a valve lockout.

The function of valve lockout devices.

What are precautions when buying a valve lockout?


The definition of a valve lockout.


Valve lockouts are a category of industrial safety lockout, which is designed to ensure that equipment with valves is absolutely shut off and that the equipment is kept in a safe condition.


 In recent years, companies have paid increasing attention to the safety factor of the production line equipment. As a result, valve locks are becoming more and more widely used.


The function of valve lockout devices.


Valve lockout devices have a lot of categories according to different requirements. For instance, ball valves, butterfly valves, and gate valve lockouts are the most common types in the market. During the process of use, it can block the accidental opening of valves to protect workers from injury in commercial and industrial applications. To be more precise, valve latching is to install a robust latching device in the operating part of the valve. It is then fixed in place by means of a latch or padlock.


Noticeably, different types of valve locks have different functions. For instance, Ball valve locks are mainly used to lock the ball valve and protect the ball valve. Besides, the butterfly valve lockout is suitable for locking all butterfly valves of common sizes, to better protect the butterfly valve switch and prevent accidents from occurring.


What are precautions when buying a valve lockout?


Given that valve locks have only been on the market for a short time, the range of valve locks available on the market varies greatly. Therefore, the following points need to be taken into account when choosing brands and types


First and foremost, It is best to choose a brand that is well known, as large brands have the financial strength and stable system to guarantee service and after-sales. This action is to avoid disputes over product quality issues.


As mentioned before, valves are divided into types like ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, rotary valves, and so on. Therefore, we recommend being clear about the type of valve you need when selecting a valve lock. After all, the usage scenarios for the different types of valves vary considerably.


Besides, with regard to valve locks. There is a wide range of materials to choose from, depending on the environment in which the lock is to be used, such as dry and humid air, whether it is hot and whether it needs to be resistant to acids and alkalis. This is to ensure the longevity of the valve lockouts.


Finally, double-check the safety standards for valve lockouts. It is known that there are very strict international standards for hardware locks. However, some small manufacturers may not follow the standards in order to save costs.

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