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What is a lockout station?

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What is a lockout station?

There may be some people who don't know exactly what a  lockout station is. Then I will give a brief description of the meaning and function of a locked station to let everyone understand its importance.

Ø  What is a lockout station?

Ø  Main functions of the locked station.

Ø  Advantages of our company's lockout station.

1、What is a lockout station?

The lockout station is a practical and user-friendly wall-mounted workstation. It can provide the ultimate storage space for large industrial facilities and multiple departments. Locking stations are often used to safely store equipment in one place. Most locking  stations are wall-mountable, allowing you to fix the station board close to the energy source, so that the locking label device can  be  used at any time. Our locked stations come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can store everything from buckles to padlocks.

2、Main functions of the locked station.

You can buy many different types of lockout stations, each with a different item list. Usually, you will find locks, tags, keys, etc. that can be explained and can all be stored.

The lock can be a standard padlock option or one of many  other options that can be used to fix the power source. In fact,  some workstations will have multiple different items that can be  used to lock the power source so that it can be used on different types of machinery.The lock or locking device is used to physically fix each energy isolation point, so the device cannot be energized during repair or maintenance.

For labels, the workstation may have only one type of label  or, if necessary, multiple types. Most facilities want to use a standard label throughout the area, but this is not required. Sometimes certain machines will benefit more from one type of label, while another machine requires a different label. Either way, the lock  station will provide you with a safe location to store everything.The label only warns the device and does not provide the type of  physical restraint the lock provides to the device. Labels should always be used with locks to draw attention to the fact that the  device has been locked

3、Advantages of our company's lockout station.

①Product quality is guaranteed: we have passed CE and ISO9001 certification. All operations and products comply with ISO standards and ANSI standards. We insist on 100% quality control during production and before packaging.

②Products can be customized: If customers have their own ideas, then we will have a professional team to design for you, and we can also make customer logos through laser, engraving, embossing,printing, etc. We have laser equipment in the factory. Therefore, we can easily make custom logos.

③Small batch sample ordering: For some customers with special  requirements, we accept sample ordering and small batch ordering,and even some cheap samples can provide a sample for free.

Then I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of  the lockout station, so there is no reason for the enterprise to not pay attention to it, and choose Baodsafe lockout station to create a safe and convenient storage space for the enterprise.

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We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.
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