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What are valve lockouts used for?

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What are valve lockouts used for?

Security lockouts are a type of lockout that, unlike ordinary lockouts that provide protection against theft, serve the greatest function of security. It is to ensure that the energy supply to the equipment is switched off absolutely and that the equipment is kept in a safe state. In addition, the safety lockout also serves as a warning.


The valve lockout I am presenting today is a type of safety lockout, which belongs to the category of industrial safety lockouts. Valve lockouts applications and functions will be clearly presented in the following paragraph.


What are the functions of valve lockouts?

How to make the most of valve lockouts devices?

What are the characteristics of valve lockouts?


What are the functions of valve lockouts?

The most important function of valve lockouts prevents industrial workers from accidental injuries.


It is understood that the commonly used valve lockouts are divided into ball valve lockouts, butterfly valve lockouts, gate valve lockouts, rotary valve lockouts, universal valve lockouts, and so on. The different types of valve lockouts are not quite the same for the corresponding usage scenarios and they are all made up of different materials. However, the main purpose is still to ensure that the equipment in question is closed.


For instance, ball valve lockouts are mainly used to lockout the ball valve and protect the safety of the ball valve. Meanwhile, gate valve lockouts are applicable for the lockout of gate valves and provide better protection for gate valves.


There is no denying that valve lockouts play a very important role in safe production. Valve lockouts are used in a wide range of applications. For example in power plants, gas gathering, petrochemicals, ore extraction, and other fields.


How to make the most of valve lockouts devices?

When talking about this topic, it’s worth pointing out the precautions for valve lockouts devices.


Before purchasing a valve lockout, it is important to choose the right size and material. This is because the valve lockouts are available in a variety of materials. For example, certain materials are resistant to high temperatures, while others are resistant to acids and alkalis. Valve lockouts are made from very different materials, which play a decisive role in the actual use.


What’ more, when using valve lockout, the related equipment must be closed, which is to ensure the safety of the staff.


Although valve lockouts are manufactured to strict market specifications, the concept of valve lockouts has only been on the market for a short time and the range of security lockouts on the market varies widely. The customer should have a preference for a well-known, long-established major brand or brand agent, which also ensures the quality of the product.

What are the characteristics of valve lockouts ?

As mentioned before, the materials used for the valve lockouts are individually customizable. It can be manufactured in different types and sizes according to the customer's requirements.


Besides, the manufacturing costs are low and the basic structure is very simple. It is flexible in operation, does not require complex processes for installation and dismantling. Also, it has a long service life.

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