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What are the six steps of lockout station?

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What are the six steps of lockout station?

There will definitely be a certain degree of danger in industrial operations, so how can the lockout station help companies greatly reduce the danger through six steps and ensure the normal progress of the project?

  • Complete and detailed preparations

  • Shut down the device properly

  • Solve all secondary energy

  • Verification lock

  • Energy storage inspection

  • Isolation verification

1、Complete and detailed preparations

The first step in locking and marking equipment or machines in the locking station for maintenance and maintenance is prepar ation. In the preparation stage, first give a detailed description of the detailed steps of the equipment, including where the equipment is marked, all the energy sources that may be connected to the equipment, etc. We must be detailed, specific, and avoid ambiguous language. Briefly introduce to authorized employees the typeand size of energy, the hazards involved, and methods to controlenergy sources. And have a complete understanding of the various dangerous energy sources that may be controlled, and necessary  investigations can be conducted on approved or authorized employees. In short, it is very important to determine the specific hazards.

2、Shut down the device properly

After completing the detailed plan description, the actual or  exact process of shutting down and locking the machine will begin. Now it's time to shut down or shut down the machine or equipment. Just saying "disconnect the machine" is not enough. To ensure the safety of everyone and reduce the possibility of damage, the shutdown details should be specified. Clarify the exact measures to be taken and the correct order to implement them.

3、Solve all secondary energy

The next step in the process or steps of the lockout station is to isolate the machine and equipment from any energy source. Although disconnecting the main energy source may eliminate many potential hazards, there may still be residual energy, so other hazards should also be considered, such as turning off the power to the circuit breaker or closing the valve.

4、Verification lock

In the case of disconnecting all main and auxiliary energy sources, the next lock or mark is very important. It can be said that the entire six-step process is named after this step. In this step, the approved or authorized employee will connect the locking device and the marking device to each energy isolation device. Marking also involves applying the mark on the device. This tag contains the name and other information of the person who requested the lock. Assuming that the process has been successfully completed, return all switches and other equipment to the "off" position so that the machine does not start accidentally when the energy is  reconnected. After verifying the lock, connect the locking or tagging device to the device to ensure that the device cannot be started without removing the device.

5、Energy storage inspection

After the above steps are completed, even if the energy source  has been separated or disconnected, the machine has been locked and fixed. But this still cannot guarantee that there is no dangerous energy stored or preserved in the machine, nor can it guarantee the safety of maintenance. At this time, the most important thing is to check any dangerous energy or any "residual" energy "stored" in the machine. In this phase, any potentially dangerous storage or residual energy must be released, disconnected, restrained or released in any other way to ensure that no threat exists.

6、Isolation verification

The final step in the lockout station lock security is to ensure everything. Yes, you have turned off or shut down the machine, isolated it from the power source, locked it, and checked for dangerous energy storage. But now is the time to perform multiple checks to ensure that all operations are accurate and that it is now safe to work on the machine or equipment type.

How about it? Through the explanation of the above steps, do you feel the significance of the lockout station?

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