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Types of loto lock

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Types of loto lock

The concept of security locks grew up in the USA. In the last century, European and American countries began to pay attention to the use of safety locks. With the development of the times, security locks began to spread throughout the world. 


As a major producer of security locks, China has achieved a certain status in the world with its mature industrial system. Today, we are focusing on the introduction of loto lock, which is a typical kind of safety lockout.


·Several common types of loto lockout.

·How to choose the right loto padlock?

·What should be careful when using a loto lock?

 loto lock


Several common types of loto lockout.


In the 1960s, many safety documents were introduced in China, many of which stipulated the correct use of safety locks. Nowadays, there are so many different types of loto locks that there is no clear number to define them.


Clearly, loto locks can be customized to suit the nature of the customer. In general, common types are valve locks, security padlocks, loto padlocks, electrical switch locks, and many more. The different locks correspond to different scenarios of use, but they all have the same basic commonality, in order to cut off the relevant power supply and thus guarantee safety.


How to choose a right loto padlock?


Moreover, it’s important to choose a right loto padlock. Only in this way can we make the most of it. The first step is to determine the size and type of loto locking device, which is relevant for future use scenarios.


Secondly, observe the coating of the loto locks. The locks are plated, painted, or colored before they leave the factory, and these steps are beneficial for the locks themselves. After this series of treatments, a protective film is formed on the surface of the loto locks, which can act as an anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant. Users can directly measure the goodness of the locks through this judgment.


Besides, there are high international requirements for the material of loto locks, which must not only meet the corresponding performance requirements, but also the weight requirements. If some manufacturers do not meet the requirements for production materials, this will naturally make it difficult to comply with the weight of the lock, so it is a wise decision to choose a manufacturer with a high reputation.


What should be careful when using a loto lock?


There is no doubt that loto lockouts are effective in preventing accidents. For companies, the use of loto locks creates a safe working environment.


At the same time, there are still a few areas that need to be strengthened in terms of human habits. For example, locking must be done before maintenance or servicing begins. All dangerous energy sources must be enclosed or isolated. 


In short, the precautions for using loto locking devices are the necessity to establish relevant safety procedures and the previous training of the relevant operators.


Although the best feature of security locks is that they are security-specific, they still require care when using them. In terms of practicality, it is definitely one of the greatest industrial inventions to date.

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