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The basic structure of a valve lockout

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The basic structure of a valve lockout

With the development of science and technology, an increasing number of people are concerned about the safety and quality of the product. Obviously, the quality of the product will influence the actual use. Valve lockout is a typical product with a high-quality restriction, which can be of great significance to people’s lives.


Today, we will focus on the introduction of a valve lockout, including the basic structure, the types, and applications.


What is a valve lockout used for?

Why use a valve lockout?

The considerations before buying a valve lockout.


What is a valve lockout used for?


The main components of a valve lock are the valve body, the operating mechanism, and the valve stem. The valve stem is mounted in the valve body and is driven by the operating mechanism, which controls the opening and closing of the valve.


It is reported that valve lockout are used in many power plants with excellent results. It is used extensively in various power plants during commissioning and maintenance to avoid human error and to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. At the top of power plants, valve lockout are also used in energy plants, food processing plants, and large manufacturing plants. The main purpose of valve lockout, unlike locks in general, is not to protect against theft, rather ensure that equipment is shut down.


Why use a valve lockout?


The use of valve lockout has a very obvious effect. valve lockout are mainly used to control the operation of fixed valve handwheels. One end of the valve lock is linked to the bonnet bolt by means of two nuts with internal threads. 


The chain is linked by a pin in the middle, one end is screwed to the bonnet bolt that goes with it, the other end has an externally threaded live joint that is linked to the female threaded nut in that section, the chain is looped around the valve handwheel, the two ends of the chain are linked to the externally threaded live joint by a pin, the handwheel and the bonnet are linked vertically, this link is so long as the valve is locked unless the middle lives jointly is loosened or destroyed, the valve cannot be opened. This is to ensure that the equipment is in a closed position.


When opening or closing a valve, it is sufficient to unscrew the central live connection. One of the best features of valve lockout is that they do not require much maintenance. In addition, valve lockout are mainly used for some often closed and often open valves, and one lock can also lock two valves, mainly to protect it from accidental operation. valve lockout are known to have keys made from stainless steel plates. The keys are ergonomic and easy to operate in practice, even when wearing extra heavy-duty safety rubber gloves.


The considerations before buying a valve lockout.


There are a host of types with a valve lockout, which is related to the requirements of customers. The most distinctive difference is the material. For instance, gate valve lockouts are made of stainless steel, while universal valve lockouts are mainly made of nylon material.


Besides, the size of the valve is also a consideration. The size of the valve lockout used varies from valve to valve and a matching valve lock is required.

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