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Recommended reasons for valve lockouts

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Recommended reasons for valve lockouts

With the development of industrial technology, governments and businesses are taking safety more and more seriously. In recent years, a number of safety incidents have been caused by technical errors, so it is important to ensure the safety of employees. As a result, valve lockouts are increasingly being used. Valve locks belong to a category of industrial safety locks with a wide range of applications.


In this article we will summarize the reasons for using valve lockouts, taking into account the advantages of valve locks and the considerations for their use.


·The benefits of valve lockouts.

·The precautions for using valve lockout devices.

·What is a universal valve lockout?

·The character of a gate valve lockout.

Gate Valve Lockout


The benefits of valve lockouts.


When talking about the justifications for using a valve lockout, it’s worth pointing out its advantages. The main advantages of valve locks are its simple structure, ease of operation, and quick opening and closing. This not only increases efficiency but also effectively prevents losses, waste, and safety incidents, which is why valve locks are designed in the first place.


Besides, in terms of design, the valve locks are constructed with reliability and integrity. It does not require excessive time for maintenance.


In terms of materials, the valve lock has strict international standards. It is easy to connect to the valve and has a longer service life than last year as it is unaffected by the environment, temperature, location, and corrosion.


The precautions for using valve lockout devices.


Valve lockout devices can be divided into a variety of categories, such as ball valves, butterfly valves, and gate valve lockouts. Noticeably, different categories of valve lockouts are made of various materials, which are suitable for different situations.


When buying a valve lock you also need to consider the valve size, which varies from valve to valve. It is necessary to choose a matching valve lock.


Meanwhile, it’s necessary to check whether the packaging is well marked, such as the product's execution standard, grade, manufacturer's name, address, and production date. Although there are strict international controls on valve locks, there are still small manufacturers who reduce costs.


What is a universal valve lockout?


The universal valve lockout is a typical kind of valve lockout. A universal valve lockout can be easily adapted to perform multiple functions, making it a versatile as well as a durable and lightweight tool. Noticeably, The universal locking device is a modular system that allows the locking of different types and sizes of valves.


The character of a gate valve lockout.


Gate valve locks are suitable for the locking of gate valves and provide better security of the gate valve. A gate valve consists of the valve body, the seat and disc, the spindle, the gland, and the wheel that operates the valve.


In general, a gate valve lockout is applied to completely cut off the flow of fluids or, in the fully open position, to provide full flow in a pipeline. Hence it can be used in either the fully closed or fully open position.

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