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Is the lockout station useful?

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Is the lockout station useful?

Is it useful to lockout station? The answer is yes, in fact it is not only useful but also very important. Let me introduce its main functions and importance.

Ø  What is a locked station?

Ø  What is the main function of the blocked station?

Ø  How often do I need to check the lock program?

1、What is a locked station?

The lock station is used to safely store the lock marking device in one place. It is an important part of any locked tag strategy in the workplace. They are designed for most of the locking stations to be wall-mounted, which is convenient for fixing the board in a fixed position close to the energy source, and the locking tag device is always available, aiming to boldly remind all employees  that they must before starting work on any energy-using machine locking. The purpose of these lockout stations is to make isolation equipment easily accessible to everyone.

2、What is the main function of the blocked station?

As mentioned above, the main function of the lockout station is to store locked and marked related items and remind standard workers to pay attention to their work.

Most of the locking stations are wall-mounted, but there are also other styles of different shapes and sizes, and they can even be defined. You can choose the best one according to your needs. The materials are also diverse, such as plastic and steel. Therefore, its practicality is very strong, which is convenient for targeted storage locking and marking.

Storage locks and marks play a big role.First locking and marking refer to specific practices and procedures used to protect employees from accidentally powering up or starting machines and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during repair or maintenance activities. This part requires a designated individual to shut down and disconnect the energy of the machine or equipment before performing service or maintenance, and authorize employees to lock or attach energy isolation devices to prevent the release of harmful energy, and take measures to verify that the energy has been effective isolation. If there is the potential to release harmful stored energy or re-accumulate stored energy to dangerous levels, it is very dangerous.

So why do I need to focus on locking or marking? Because they are active constraints, no one can remove them without a key or other unlocking mechanism, or by unconventional means. Marking equipment is an important warning equipment. Employees are authorized to fix it on the energy isolation equipment to warn employees not to re-energize when repairing or maintaining the machine. Because OSHA's standards on hazardous energy control clarify the steps employers must take to prevent accidents related to hazardous energy. It is necessary to ensure that workers in the city avoid serious or fatal injuries to employees if the machine to be repaired or maintained is accidentally energized or started or released. We don't want to see such consequences.

3、How often do I need to check the lock program?

Lockout station is very important, and locking and marking are also very important, so we need to check and maintain it regularly. Employees are usually required to check their procedures at least once a year to ensure they provide adequate protection. And as part of the review, the employer must promptly correct any deviations and deficiencies found in the energy control program or its application.

Remember, in the process of work, lockout station is really very useful. So if you need it, please contact us.

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