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Is the lockout station safe?

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Is the lockout station safe?

It is very safe to lock the station itself, but there are many points that are easy to be neglected during the use, so let us pay more attention.

Ø  The ask of lockout station.

Ø  What is most easily overlooked?

1、The ask of lockout station:

The locking bar is mainly to facilitate the storage of locking and marking equipment. So whether you use locking devices or tagging devices, they are the only energy isolation devices used to control hazardous energy. OSHA has standardized laws and regulations that outline the requirements for locking devices, as outlined below.The equipment must be durable enough to adapt to the conditions of the workplace. This means that even in a humid or corrosive environment, the marking equipment must not deteriorate or become illegible to affect later work.

Equipment must be standardized according to shape, size and color. In addition, marking equipment should be standardized in terms of printing and formatting and should be easy to understand for all employees. The marking equipment must warn employees of the dangers that may occur if the machine is powered on, and provide clear instructions, such as "Do not start" or "Do not open". Even targeted training should be carried out to ensure that every employee understands and masters it.

The louckout stations should be sturdy to avoid accidental damage. In addition to using the key, only use excessive force or use special tools such as bolt cutters to remove the device. At the same time, the label must be disposable, and the label should be manually attached with a one-piece nylon cable tie. The equipment must be labeled to identify specific employees who have the authority to place or remove the equipment.

2、What is most easily overlooked?

The lockout station is a process implemented to ensure the safety of workers and other personnel during equipment maintenance and repair. These steps ensure that the device is shut down during maintenance and cannot be restarted. As mentioned above, OSHA has established strict guidelines for LOTO procedures to help reduce potential hazards.

However, the poor application of the LOTO program, coupled with human error and negligence, causes numerous injuries every year. Many of the injuries caused by this are very serious. Employers and employees often ignore or cover up this matter, and they don’t want to spend their time on things that seem common sense. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that even employees who have worked in the same factory for many years are cutting corners to save time. Therefore, all employees who may be affected must receive adequate training on the LOTO agreement and procedures, actively strive to minimize the possibility of human error, and emphasize the importance of effective training programs.

Regarding the product of the  safety locking station itself, the design and specifications can ensure its safety. But if it is insecure due to human negligence and irregular use, it is really a shame. Therefore, the training and requirements for relevant personnel must be strengthened to reduce the risk.

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