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How many types does safety padlock have?

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How many types does safety padlock have?

Safety padlock is a common thing in many fields, which plays an important and essential role in people’s lives. Noticeably, the appearance of a safety padlock is similar to that of an ordinary civil padlock, but there are many differences between a safety padlock and an ordinary civil padlock.


However, there are a lot of people who don’t know the specific types of safety padlock. This article will illustrate the types and basic structure of safety padlocks. 


·The basic structure of safety padlock.

·What’s a shielded safety padlock?

·What’s a breakaway safety padlock?

·What’s a high safety padlock?

safety padlock


The basic structure of safety padlock


Safety padlocks are composed of locking shackles, bodies and locking mechanisms. The locking latch is one of the more important components. The latches are available in different lengths and diameters to suit all requirements.


Generally, safety padlocks are used in conjunction with other safety locking devices and the safety padlock can be used alone. By contrast, other safety locking devices do not have this feature. The structural features of padlocks make it can be used easily and flexibly, it also can be considered to be an ideal locking device.


What’s a shielded safety padlock?


The general width determines the size of the lock, the height of the lock beam determines the purpose of the lock, and the series of locks is determined by how the padlock is opened straight. Horizontally, overhead or double-opened. There are many criteria for measuring the type of safety padlock. Therefore, there is no specific number of types of padlocks.


A shielded safety padlock is a padlock with a strong metal guard that protects and surrounds both sides of the latch, leaving only the top of the latch exposed. This guard makes it more difficult to remove the latch with a bolt cutter.


What’s a breakaway safety padlock?


The most important feature of a breakaway lock is that the lock will break when subjected to a large force. This padlock is suitable for applications where quick removal of the lock is required, for example in sprinkler and fire hoses, in case of emergency.



What’s a high safety padlock?


The high safety group padlock tends to be more stringent in terms of quality. It is also possible to have several options for parts. Examples include a steel locking latch to prevent cutting and hardening, a cowl locking latch to prevent cutting and prying, a pry-proof cylinder, and a pry-proof reinforced locking device.


Meanwhile, high safety Padlocks are designed to stand up to physical attack and resist prying, pulling, and picking. High safety padlocks are the first choice for commercial applications, including automative industries, electrical lockout, fences, and so on.


To summarize, safety padlocks are a part of everyday life. In order to meet the demands of different groups, a wide variety of options and styles of safety padlocks have been designed. The different types of safety padlocks correspond to different usage scenarios and need to be taken into account before purchasing.

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