Lockout Station and Tagout

Lockout Station

Lockout Station is specifically placed safety lockout. There are 4-Lock Safety Lockout Station, 10-Lock Safety Lockout Station, 20-Lock Safety Lockout Station, and Group Lockout station. It can be placed Safety Lockout, Lockout Hasp, and Value Lockout etc.

Group Lockout Box

Simplifies the lockout of larger machines.
After the equipment to be worked on has been isolated from the energy source, the lockout keys are placed inside the multiple lockout box and then padlocked by the controlling person. Each person then working applies their own unique padlock to the lockout box. Only when all unique padlocks have been removed (including the controller’s padlocks) can the necessary keys be re-issued to re-start.

Padlock Station

The material of Padlock Station is carbon steel; there are four kinds of specifications, convenient daily locks management.

PVC Safety Tags

PVC safety tags are made by PVC material. The thick of this tags is 0.5mm. They can be customized by clients, include content and sizes.