Elextric Lockout

Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockouts

A range of 4 padlockable circuit breaker lockouts designed to fit most modern single and multiple pole miniature circuit breakers.manufactured from strong nylon,this range of miniature ciruit breaker lockouts allow breakers to be locked off individually.

Clamp-on Breaker lockout

Clamp on breaker lockouts are easy to install using patented thumbscrew design no screwdrivers needed!
Simply tighten lockout securely onto switch tongue, pull cover over thumb screw and lock cover to prevent clamp from being loosened.
Accepts lock shackles up to 9/32” in diameter, made of rugged polypropylene and impact modified nylon.

Snap-on Breaker Lockout

Made from rugged polypropylene and impact modified nylon. Snap in place and apply lock. Especially designed for 120V breakers that have holes in the switch tongue.

Electrical & Pneumatic Lockout

  • >Accommodates a large variety of electrical plugs up to 89 mm diameter and 127 mm in length as well as male air hose connectors
  • Works on 110V, 220V and 550V plugs
  • Made of Polystyrene material


Plug Lockouts

  • Completely encloses electrical plugs to prevent accidental reconnection
  • Three sizes available. Small 50mm x 50mm x 90mm Large 80mm x 80mm x 180mm

Rotary & Push Button Switch Covers

Rotary and Push Buttn switch covers are ideal to prevent inadvertent operation of rotary/push button switches. Base stays permanently attached to the panel.The cover is removable and can be stored when not in use.

  • Strong ABS Body
  • Smoked / clear appearance
  • Adaptable collar fits bases 22mm 25mm 30mm dia.